Give Now

One of the ways you can support the mission of First Lutheran is through your financial gifts. To help make giving easier, we have set up an online giving option through, one of the safest and simplest internet giving platforms designed specifically for congregational use.

Regular Giving – if you presently give via check or cash during in-person worship, please consider giving online instead. Once you set up your account, your gift will be deducted simply from your bank account or withdrawn from your credit card automatically, with no need for you to remember to bring your offering to church. What’s more, you’ll never have to remember to “catch up” if you miss a Sunday or two now and then. Regular online giving benefits our congregation by letting us better anticipate weekly and monthly giving income, which helps us plan better for the future and use our congregational income for the sake of God’s mission around our neighborhood and world.

Periodic or One-Time Gifts are always welcome and can be a blessed surprise. If you are not a regular giver to First Lutheran, please consider giving a one-time or periodic gift when you are able. The gifts we don’t anticipate are not only wonderful surprises, but can also open up opportunities to share your financial blessing with others. Our online platform makes it easy to give once. You do not have to set up a recurring plan.

To give via our online platform, please click here.

Large Gifts, such as the ones from estates or wills, unexpected or planned, are best given directly to First Lutheran in Harris either as a designated gift or to our new Endowment fund, which itself is invested through the ELCA Foundation. Every year, all earnings (above a minimal pre-determined percent) will be split between local, state and national causes and to fund specific immediate needs of the congregation. If you are interested in giving to the First Lutheran Endowment, please email the church directly: We would be delighted to work with you.